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          Tel: +86-0755-84635699          Email: cclee@fudakin.com

          About / Who are we

          Globalization has brought the manufacturing base to China. We have continued to improve Fudakin to meet and exceed customer expectations of us. Our facilities have expanded to over 180,000 square feet (18,000 square meters) of dedicated manufacturing. Ourentrepreneurial spirit has kept up with our customer needs. Continued investment in our plant, equipment and staff have helped meetour cust-omers needs.
          Our company was founded in 1997 in Shenzhen, China. We started with one CNC machine and began with CNC machining for-injecti-on molds. We have been building injections molds since then and have expanded to become a full-service contract man-ufacturer. Fudakin Plastic & Metal Ltd., provides single source responsibility to ourdiversified customer base in Europe, North .America and Israel. Our services incl-ude complete mechanical product assembly for leading OEM’s. Along with,
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