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        Tel: +86-0755-84635699          Email: cclee@fudakin.com


        larger moldprecision mold

        Our mold manufacturing has over 150 skilled mold makers working with the latest state-of-the-art CNC equipment. we are currently building over 200 precision molds per year exported to a worldwide customer base. We build our molds for in-house production to the same standards.

        Our mold making staff is highly experienced engineers,CNC programmers,CNC machinists, fitting and assembly technicians are very important in maintaining our quality standards. On-going training by our shop leaders is vital in the entrire process of continuous 


        Our shop is divided into two workshops large molds 300ton to 2500ton press size and precision multi-cavity molds 25tons to 300tons. Our precision mold shop is engaged in producing molds for high volume packaging and tightly toleranced mechanical components.

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